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Condominium Management

Condo property management is different from managing single-family homes or apartment buildings. Hiring a condo management company has some tangible benefits. Berg Property Management is your trusted company that can help you increase the value of your asset by managing it more effectively while taking a major workload off your plate.

Our Ottawa based property managers are responsible for handling the day to day needs of your condo property. This goes for small tasks like making sure the landscaping is done routinely to taking care of the building’s security needs. We handle complex issues like:

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance
  • Prepare budgets for review and approval
  • Prepare and distribute a 6 month budget review
  • Facilitate tenders and hiring of contractors
  • Work on tendering items such as contracts
  • Keep track of current and upcoming maintenance projects
  • Arrange for adequate insurance
  • Arrange for financial audits

To get all this work done, each of our team members has thorough knowledge and experience of how condo buildings work. We are well acquainted with condo regulations, which are always changing. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with managing your condominium, please contact us. We have a wealth of experience and talent covering the full range of challenges that condo owners face.


In case you’re hoping to lease a residential place, we can help you discover a property as well as to direct you through each progression of your excursion. We hold over a decade of experience in the residential rental income properties industry and go beyond the customer’s expectations at all times.
Beginning to end we’ll clarify the cycle, alongside our expenses and related charges. Regardless of whether an individual, an entire family or a corporate occupant, our group of property specialists are here to assist you with finding the correct home for your requirements.

Our team of specialists will help in assisting with controlling through everything, from what must be done on move-in day, to dealing with a smooth finish of tenure when you need to proceed onward. Our definite inhabitant control is a helpful asset to help both our managed and non-managed properties, offering clarity to your concerns as an occupant. As a leading property management firm, our groups are constantly stayed up with the latest with the most recent lettings industry information and prerequisites.


Our commercial property agency group covers a wide range of work identifying with selling and giving business property access while helping our wide customers with our wide-class commercial property services. Our commercial property consultancy group can source the correct property for customers, in the case of managing comprehensive financial plans or arranging one-off acquisitions for new-to-the-market speculators.

Not exclusively would we be able to assist you with sourcing an appropriate business property, we can likewise assist with guaranteeing you can support it. As a team with our expert commercial property financing experts we can offer arrangements and subsidizing choices for business property. So as to finish a fruitful arrangement for the benefit of a customer as fast and consistently as could reasonably be expected, we utilize settled strategic showcasing techniques so as to accomplish results.

Having broad involved information on the neighborhood and a local market we can give exhortation to engineers on current open doors for property improvement, just as their extended development.

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